Poetic Imagery by Brigette




Fiction and Brigette Furlonger

While Brigette's dream is to have her novels published, she does have several short stories published. Love Notes, a collection of short stories and poems, was published last autumn. Currently, it is the only short story on the market. More is soon to come as Brigette is in the process of completing her first novel.

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Where do you find love?

Love can be found anywhere - from the Internet to the principal's office, from the gym to the afterlife... and even waiting on the side of the road. Love surprises in the provocative collection of stories and poems by the Cowichan Writers Group.

Visit a chat room shimmering dark with possibility, then follow the hilarious antics of romance in a seniors' home. Join one woman's transformative adventures through castes and tattoos, and drink in the explosive and lusty atmosphere of Hallowe'en in a bar. Experience the innocence of love's first kiss, and revel in the sensual intoxication of true desire.

A smorgasbord of romance, Love Notes delights through all the seasons of life's journey.